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The following notes are based on the session on Podcasting held at Camberwell South PS on August 20, 2009.
Use these to help you create podcasts by:
  1. Recording with Audacity
  2. Creating mp3 files of these recordings
  3. Uploading to an account with the website Edublogs.tv
  4. Embedding these recordings as a widget on a wiki or blog
    Like to hear some Samples? Visit the Samples page

Audacity is freeware downloadable for use with PC or Mac computers.
It is simple to use to create recordings for podcasts or learning reflections
It works well with laptop computers with built in microphones as recordings can be created with a single click.
Download Audacity from this website
Don't forget to also download the lame mp3 encoder file- instructions given here This allows you to use the program to export mp3 files - very important!
PLEASE NOTE - Mac users can also create mp3 recordings using Garageband -see below for more details
The Buttons Buttons
The Dashboard Audacity1

First - Save the project
Second - Export as mp3

The software will ask you the first time you do this for the location of the lame mp3 encoder file. You will need to find the folder where you downloaded this to and click on it. Once this is completed you will not be asked again.
Creating an mp3 in GarageBand Open Garageband and choose Podcast
Click on Male Voice and then the Record button (the big red one)
Make your recording (use the Play button to stop) and then Save
Go to Share and then Export Podcast to Disk....
Choose Mp3 from the Compress Using: list then click Export
Copyright Free MusicYou may want to add a 'soundtrack' to jazz up your podcast. You can find free downloadable music at Jamendo - just remember to check if the artist has provided permission to use their work and include an acknowledgment somewhere in your podcast.
edublogs.tv This website hosts audio and video files for no cost.
You will need to create an account using an email address to register (I always use a gmail account for this)
Once you have created an account log in and you are ready to upload your podcast
Uploading Audio

Click on
Upload/manage my audio now
Click Browse and find where you saved your mp3 recording
Then click Upload
The website will ask you to fill in the Data Tags make sure you put something in each line marked in red
Don't forget to make your recording Private
Click on Finish Audio Upload
Embedding the Code
You can now access the file in
My Audio
Clicking on the file will take you to this view (screen shot on the right)
Scroll down to the Embed code line
Copy this entire code.
This code is like a little piece of software you can embed in a wiki or a blog page.
Go to your wiki and cilck the edit button
(on this page it is EasyEdit)
Choose the Widget tool then other widget from the list
Paste the code into the box that appears. make sure you scroll through the code and change the text that says 'autostart=yes' to 'autostart=no'
This will make sure the file doesn't automatically start playing when you open that page. Click Add widget
Then click Done then Save your page
What you should have is an embedded player like the one to the right.
By password protecting your wiki you can give your students without iPods secure access to your podcasts and those of other students.


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